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Mandriva Linux Discovery 9.2 - Discover Linux

9.2 Menu
9.2 Features
Discovery 9.2

The new 9.2 "Discovery Pack" is the package you need for getting started with Linux. A simplified installation procedure plus a customized interface allows any beginner to quickly get started with a complete full-featured Linux Desktop. The Discovery Pack includes office, multimedia and Internet applications all in highly attractive and easy-to-use graphical desktop environments.

*   Content

2 CD
"Discovering Mandriva Linux" Guide

*   Support/Services

30 days email Installation support
1 month Mandriva Club subscription

*   10 good reasons to choose Discovery 9.2

1. Complete office suite: lets you create, edit and share Microsoft Office compatible files (xls, doc, ppt). Discovery 9.2
2. Fun: hours of fun with entertaining games, 3D programs, educational applications for children... Discovery 9.2
3. Multimedia: enjoy the latest music, video and graphic formats. Discovery 9.2
4. Communication: connect quickly to the Internet and utilize online services such as email, chat... Discovery 9.2
5. Plugins: benefit from many pre-installed Web plugins such as Macromedia Flash™, Adobe Acrobat Reader™, RealPlayer™...  
6. Choice: install hundreds of additional applications from CD and from Mandriva with a few clicks of the mouse. Discovery 9.2
7. Simple hardware configuration: graphical "wizards" and automatic hardware recognition makes it easy to use your favorite peripherals (mouse, scanner, printer, digital camera, etc.). Discovery 9.2
8. Compatibility: run MicroSoft Windows® and Mandriva Linux on the same computer. Discovery 9.2
9. Ease of use: experience the famous "Mandriva touch" with many intuitive interfaces and powerful, yet simple, utilities. Discovery 9.2
10. Free: make the most of your system with one month free Mandriva Club membership! Discovery 9.2

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