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Mandriva Linux 9.2 PowerPack - The personal Linux solution

9.2 Menu
9.2 Features
PowerPack 9.2

Full-featured and versatile, packed with thousands of the best applications, PowerPack is the ideal choice for the advanced Linux user. In addition to the latest office and multimedia applications, enjoy the ultimate collection of development, server, and database software. The Mandriva Linux PowerPack is an all-in-one solution for the Linux "power-user."

*   Content

7 CDs
1 Starter guide
*   Support/Services

60 days email installation support
1 month Mandriva Club subscription

*   10 good reasons to choose Mandriva Linux PowerPack

1. Complete office suite: create, edit and share Microsoft Office compatible files (xls, doc, ppt) PowerPack 9.2
2. Multimedia: enjoy the latest music, video and graphic applications
PowerPack 9.2
3. Communication: easily setup an Internet connection and get instant access to all online resources including email, chat ...

PowerPack 9.2
4. Choice: benefit from over 3000 applications included on the CDs plus many more available from Mandriva

PowerPack 9.2
5. Stability: Mandriva Linux is rock-solid with 24/7 dependability
PowerPack 9.2
6. Security and privacy: ensured by an integrated firewall and VPN support

PowerPack 9.2
7. Up-to-date: keep your system up-to-date safely and easily with MandrivaUpdate

PowerPack 9.2
8. Ease of use: experience Mandriva's famous graphical interfaces and comprehensive utilities

PowerPack 9.2
9. Compatibility: run Windows and Mandriva Linux on the same computer

PowerPack 9.2
10. Support: benefit from Mandriva's 60 days online support and one free month of Mandriva Club membership

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