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Support Scope of the Corporate Server

Thank you for choosing the Corporate Server.
This product entitles you to benefit from Mandriva's official technical support.
You'll find all necessary information to get the most from your distribution on this page.

*   Support Details

Standard Corporate Server Unlimited Corporate Server


749 $

1499 $


1 year

1 year

Web Incident at Mandriva Expert

Unlimited during
90 days


Phone incidents

5 for 1 year


Number of computers




Monday - Friday

9am - 5pm

Monday – Friday

9am - 5 pm

Response Time

4 hours

4 hours


*   Support Scope

Installation and update
  • Installation from CD-ROM/DVD
  • Installation from network FTP/HTTP/NFS (doesn't include Installation Server configuration)
  • Update of versions N-1 and N-2
  • RAID IDE 3ware and SCSI Support
  • Automatic partitioning
  • Manual configuration during installation
  • LVM and Software RAID configuration with DiskDrake
Software Management
  • Support of applications provided on Installation CD
  • Support of updates via MandrivaUpdate
  • Installation of new applications using the Mandriva Control Center
  • Advice on the selection of applications to install (provided on CD)
  • Manual software installation using URPMI
Boot loader
  • Dual boot with Windows® 9x/NT/2000/XP
  • LILO or GRUB configuration
  • Add/Remove a boot loader entry
  • Boot loader removal in MBR (Rescue CD)
  • Linux boot loader regeneration (Rescue CD)
Video Configuration
  • Basic X11 configuration with video detected by XFDrake
      - 3D acceleration with NVIDIA® and ATI® 9xxx cards - 800x600 and 1024x768 resolutions - 16-bit color setup
  • VESA mode and framebuffer support
Printing System
  • Configuration of compatible local printer with PrinterDrake (USB/Serial)
  • Printing on compatible network printer with PrinterDrake
  • Printing options configuration
  • Printers shared under Windows®
  • Standard keyboard configuration (USB or PS/2)
  • Standard mouse configuration (USB or PS/2)
  • Configuration of integrated or PCI sound cards compatible with Mandriva products
  • Configuration of PCI or integrated network cards compatible with Mandriva products
  • Configuration of scanners compatible with Mandriva products
  • Configuration of TV cards compatible with Mandriva products
  • Configuration of IDE or SCSI CD-writer (connected to a controller compatible with Mandriva products)
  • Configuration of USB or Firewire devices compatible with Mandriva products
Internet Connection
  • Configuration of ISDN Internet connections on hardware compatible with Mandriva products
  • Configuration of RTC Internet connections on hardware compatible with Mandriva products (serial/ USB)
  • Configuration of Cable Internet connections on network cards compatible with Mandriva products
  • Configuration of ADSL Internet connections on PCI card or ADSL modem compatible with Mandriva products
Network Clients
  • Network card configuration (max. 2)
  • Internet connection sharing with Drakgateway
  • Firewall with DDrakfirewall
  • Samba configuration for data and printer sharing
    Note: User management, ACL (access control list), and Domain Controller features are not supported
  • NVIDIA®Nforce 2 drivers configuration


Apache Web Server
  • Installation and update
  • Apache server configuration (without CGI or performance optimization)
  • Test certificate creation
  • User directory definition
  • Virtual hosts configuration (without DNS configuration)
SAMBA File Server
  • Installation and update
  • File and Printer Sharing
  • Access rights basic configuration
  • PDC server configuration
  • NFS installation, access to NFS data issues, NFS sharing creation
Postfix Mail Server
  • Installation and update
  • Single Postfix server configuration
  • User alias and domain masquerading
FTP Server
  • Installation and update
  • Server configuration for anonymous users
SSH secure connection server
  • Installation and update
  • Configuration and creation of public keys
LDAP Server
  • Installation
  • Basic configuration (except replicate, scheme modification, etc.)
DNS Server
  • Cache DNS server configuration
  • DNS zone configuration
DHCP Server
  • DHCP zone configuration
SQUID Server
  • Installation and configuration
  • Configuration as web proxy (transparent mode) for end users

  • Installation and configuration

  • Note: SSH is highly recommended by Mandriva as it offers increased security when compared to telnet.
  • Master and slave NIS server configuration
  • Authentication and connection issues
  • Domain creation and monitoring
  • DNS cache configuration
  • Error analysis of configuration files
  • Access control
SQUID Server
  • Installation and configuration
  • Configuration as web proxy for end users
  • Configuration as web proxy for servers
  • Transparent proxy
SYMPA Server
  • Installation and configuration
  • Databases: MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • Installation and basic configuration
LDAP Server
  • Replication and scheme modifications
  • Installation and configuration
  • Installation and configuration
Static Routing
  • Routing tables configuration
System Initialization Scripts
  • Customization and modification of scripts
Network Printers
  • Configuration of compatible printers
Basic Security

Basic Backup

Privileged Contact

Mandriva makes it easy to get the support you need. Certified technicians are available to take your calls and answer your questions.
To maintain strong relationships with customers, Mandriva assigns a dedicated contact to your organization. This contact carries the position of Technical Account Manager. The role of the Technical Account Manager is not to supply support but to answer questions related to usage.

The Technical Account Manager's role consists of:
  • Monitoring incident status and follow-up
  • Provides technical advice regarding solutions that have been deployed
  • Provides information and software updates on CD to aid the services deployed by customers

Direct Access
Consulting, support, training... Mandriva's Business offer is designed to fulfill the needs of the most challenging enterprise.